If you live forever, when is the midlife crisis?

I love this phrase, often quoted by my pastor during his forties. It reminds me that it’s never too late to do something I really want to do, or to become the person I know I can become, and it helps me keep things in perspective.

2014 marks the start of a new decade for me–a decade I welcome with open arms and only slightly bridled enthusiasm. I hope that I have learned a lot during the past three decades and that I will live this next phase of my life much more purposefully, patiently, and gracefully. I don’t feel at all like I’m ‘over the hill’, but I’ve definitely gotten over some nasty bumps along the way. I have a wonderful husband, four(!) beautiful and rapidly growing children, a budding new career, and loads of valuable learning experience to draw from. So, bring it on! Here’s to #finessingmyforties.

 Fortified (I’m Turning 40 Tomorrow!)

Spartan Postmortem

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