Home school

We began home schooling our older two children (then 7 and 5) in 2012. We used a classical approach and were completely on our own — no co-ops or other families to meet with. The following year we found Classical Conversations, which meets once a week for 24 weeks each year, and enrolled 3 of our kids. I also signed up to tutor at the Foundations level. The mission of CC is “to know God and make Him known.” It doesn’t get much sweeter or simpler than that. We love the community so much, and the curriculum seems to me to have the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. The kids enjoy meeting with their friends weekly to learn new grammar, practice presentation skills, do science and art projects, and play games.

As of April 2014, I’ve signed on as the director of a new CC campus in New Jersey for the fall of 2014. I will share more of our home schooling adventures, within and outside of CC, here on a regular basis.

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Slowing Down to Speed Up

Classical Conversations Practicum & Foundations Tutor Training

Common Core Film — Please Watch and Share


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